Saturday, 21 March 2009

Free commercial games - no jokes, no catches

If you haven't visited the Gametop site (, then you're missing out on a treasure trove of games for you and your kids!
There are excellent arcade games that include action, puzzle, and card games as well as a list of abandonware titles such as the first two Grand Theft Auto titles.

The only "cost", apart from taking the bandwidth to download these 'freebies", is that whenever you close down one of these games, your browser is opened and you are taken to the Gametop home page.

Be aware that sometimes there are requests to add tool bars and even set your home page - remember to ensure that the tick boxes are UNchecked.

These are not freeware games but commercial games that you pay money for elsewhere.

There are also lots of online games here:

Of course, you haven't forgotten about the other GiveAway sites that I mentioned in Feb2008, have you?:

Why not try these games?: Mayan Maze (Azteca):
Golden Path:

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