Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Why pay cash for pre-paid electricity when you can use your credit card?

If you have a pre-paid electricity meter and a credit card, and you don't know about then you're probably losing out.
I dreaded the days when I needed to go to an ATM to draw cash, then go to the corner cafe/garage and purchase electricity (and remember to take the meter number along as well!).
After registering on the site I can now purchase electricity (for no extra charge) using my credit card. I can use my PC or my cell phone's browser or use SMS to purchase.
Using my credit card is much more convenient (no more queuing for cash, and for purchasing the electricity), and so it's safer too! [those ATMs are becoming dangerous]
Additionally, if I run out of electricity in
the middle of the night then I can purchase more by sending an SMS from home.
Oh, and the cherry on the top is that the bill comes at the end of the month along with "reward points" and even cash back discount (see my post on Discovery Credit Card)

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  1. Thanks for sharing this information, there are a lot of people who need this to help them save on their electricity bills. I also read some tips gave by commercial electrician Brisbane and it is very effective for energy saving.


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