Friday, 18 September 2009

Save money by making your razor blades last longer (for 1 year!)

I was amazed by this article that seems to be legitimate – it was tried and tested by a talk show host Clark Howard.  It explains that drying your razor blades extends shelf life – so after you shave you need to dry the razor with a towel or dip them in some alcohol or blow dry them or wrap it in a tissue until the next use.  The science behind it: leaving the metal blades wet encourages the corrosion in razor blades. Oxygen in air and salt from skin are the main culprits.  Easiest is to keep a small vial of oil, alcohol, or glycerine in bathroom and just keep razor there between shaves.

Here’s a video showing how the blades can be dried by rubbing them on some denim to make them last longer:

Reading the comments, I came across another trick:  “I use a Sensor razor, and I've discovered that a package of disposable Sensor 3 razors is cheaper per razor than a package of Sensor Excel or even regular Sensor cartridges, and the Sensor 3 cartridge is exactly the same as the Sensor Excel cartridge except with the addition of a third blade (seriously, I can even remove them from the disposable handle and use them on my Sensor handle).”

Let me know if you experience longer lasting blades :)


  1. I am doing all I can to make my blades last longer but these news articles are becoming so popular these days that I really fear the Razor Blade Makers will find a method of maiking blades that still dull fast even when we use these tips.

  2. Hi Anonymous

    I hope not! If they continue making the blades out of steel, then the same tips will apply.
    If they use some other material, we'll need to get our thinking caps on again - I'm sure we'll come up with another plan - so, no need to worry.




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