Wednesday, 23 September 2009

PrePaid airtime offers not to be missed: R400 gives you R1,176 airtime (VC), or R800 for R2,400 (MTN), or R800 for R2,760 (CellC)

Here’s an airtime offer that seems too good to be true!  MTN and CellC have also thrown in some free SMSs! Pay these once off fees with no credit check and get lots of free airtime.  This seems to be a fantastic offer!  What’s the catch??  If you’re on a VodaGo prepaid account, on the old per minute billing, then I see this is a per second billed plan… so the per minute cost is probably more, and so you win on the “short” calls (i.e. those that terminate before the 30sec mark), but lose on the “long” calls (i.e. those that terminate close to the 59 sec mark).
I wonder if there are a
ny other catches?  Like, what happens after the 24 month period?  Does it revert back to the VodaGo per minute billing? – Probably not, so this is a way of getting people onto a “contract” and on to per second billing?
What happens if this offer’s minutes (R49 in the Vodacom case) run out during the month, can you topup by buying airtime at your currently used outlets?  {See here for an HTT article on where to buy your airtime:}


Here are more details:


 Vodacom TopUp49 for R400.00 once off giving: 
                R49 airtime per month for 24 months – a total of R1,176 Airtime 
                Total Saving of 66% 
                FREE SIM connection 
                FREE CLI activation 
                Calls billed per second



 MTN TopUp100 for R800.00 once off giving: 
                R100 airtime per month for 24 months – a total of R2,400 Airtime 
                25 SMSs per month for 24 months – a total of 600 SMSs 
                43.5 minutes talktime per month for 24 months a total of 1,044 minutes of talktime 
                A total saving versus prepaid of R2,854 or 83%



 Cell C ControlChat 100 for R800.00 once off giving: 
                R115 airtime per month for 24 months – a total of R2,760 Airtime 
                100 SMSs per month 
                FREE SIM connection 
                FREE CLI activation 
                Calls billed per second 
                Friends and family discounts to 7 numbers


Download the application forms here:  {make sure that you have the latest Adobe Reader else you will get an error “There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired.”}

Update on Wed23Sept2009:  Feedback from mobile2mobile CEO Warwick Ward-Cox answering some of the questions that I posed above:

From: Warwick Ward-Cox
Sent: 23 September 2009 09:04

Morning HTT,

You are correct it’s an awesome deal,  I've personally taken out 3 now for the family.  This has to be the cheapest way to get airtime,  and with the networks now reducing call costs these deals will in the future be even more attractive if not already  ;)

The catch,  well you don't get a "free phone".  At the end of the 24 months, you have the option to carry on and pay an additional amount and carry on with the contract, or you will be downgraded to prepaid at the end of the 24 months.

Oh yes, and we don't do any network activation, until your deposit reflects in the bank account and has been cleared,  so depending on where you EFT from it can take about 3 days or so to be activated.  If it’s a cheque deposit then minimum 8 days until the cheque has cleared.  


Warwick Ward-Cox

Mobile 2 Mobile

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