Monday, 14 September 2009

Using your phone to receive and send emails is so easy – you need to start using it now!

A colleague recently had a problem with their ADSL line at home and was literally cut off from his emails and Skype.  He couldn’t get to his emails and had to clamour to get to an Internet cafe to access his emails using Web mail.  Then he “discovered” GMail (and Fring) on his phone and he was “cured”.  He could even receive and send emails from other email accounts eg: work address.  Also, GMail works off-line if the cellular signal is weak (like underground) – when you’re online again, then emails are sent in the background.

{If your phone isn’t set up to connect to the Internet, then read this article first: In this day and age I'm amazed by the low number of people that use their cell phones to connect to the Internet for email, www access, cheap IM etc}
Here are the steps to getting GMail to work for you:

1) Watch the GMail video here:
2) Type this URL into your cell phone's browser: and download the program onto your phone
3) Create a GMail account for yourself: using your PC’s browser (it’s just easier on your PC) and click on “Create an account” and follow the prompts.
4) Optional: Enable your other accounts on GMail: from GMail on your PC: click Settings->Accounts and Import, then enable receiving and sending from the other accounts (verification steps need to be followed)
5) Login to GMail on your phone (and if you’ve enabled your other accounts, then add them to your phone’s GMail program)
6) Start sending and receiving from your mobile phone!


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