Saturday, 7 November 2009

Anyone know what happened to "Since Last Payment" on Google AdSense? – Solved!

Have you noticed that Google AdSense have removed the revenue since ‘Last payment’ view in the ‘Reports->Overview’ page?  This information is actually available on the AdSense web site – but it’s in a slightly different format: if you login to your AdSense account and go to ‘My Account->Payment History’ then the amount shown is the running total of the amount due to you
imageThis will show you the amount that’s due to you. When the amount gets to R1,000, then payment will be made (ie: cheque sent to you), in the middle of the following month (see the bottom of the AdSense reports-payment page for an explanation).

This is quite an obscure way to show the current amount due – I preferred it in its old place – what do you think?

Here’s what the “since last payment” option looked like:

Update: Here’s another take on where the menu went: “The 'Since last payment' option will disappear for publishers who've recently updated to local currency reports.  However, this option will become available again after their first payment is issued.  From:

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