Monday, 2 November 2009

Get SnagIt! free – no catches, no scam

Ashraf, the reviewer from GiveAwayOfTheDay has found another freebie: although SnagIt 7.2.5 isn’t the latest, it’s still a great screen capture and editing tool (I’m still using version 6.3.0).

See Ashraf’s site, “Professional Technologians” for detailed instructions on how to get the license key and download the software.


Try clicking on the other stars here for other freebies and discounts.  The descriptions are in French, but use Google translate to translate into your home language: Google Translate French to English

Thanks Ashraf!

Here’s another page of stars that I found with more freebies:

Click on 1 to get a registration key for: Ringtone Media Studio: customize your mobile phone at no extra cost!
- Create your own ringtones from CDs or MP3 files
- Create wallpapers from your own photos
- Assemble your video clips and transfer them to your mobile
Size: 16MB

Click on 2 to get: Chicken Attack Game


  1. I haven't checked out SnagIt yet, but I highly recommend the no-frills, portable application called LIGHTSCREEN. It's lightweight, and portable (so no footprint) and can be run from a flashdrive if you like:

  2. @BrYan: thanks for sharing :) Keep them coming.


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