Friday, 26 March 2010

If you have a pre-payment meter, then you can save 24.8% on your electricity if you buy now, only 6 days to go!

Eskom electricity tariffs will go up by 24.8% on 01 April 2010 - that leaves 6 days for you to stock up on cheaper electricity:
I'm going to save that 24.8% by pre-purchasing as much electricity as I can afford before 01 April 2010 – just like I did last year (and the year before).

Once I've purchased all that electricity, I'll want to make it last as
loooong as possible - I'll do that by checking where the biggest savings can be made by re-analysing my household's usage and cut down on the most expensive appliances: Saving electricity tips

See here for this posting (still relevant) for all the answers and the "Electricity Tariff Calculator tool":
Beat Eskom price increases

This year's increase details:

When are the tariffs going up?
@ 23h59 on Wed night 31 March 2010.
How much will the increases be?
2010's increase is, on average 24.8% (see here for NERSA’s media release)

The posting answers questions like:

How full can your pre-payment meter go?

How much can I purchase on my credit card?

Which tariff plan am I on?

If I fill my meter up too much will I lose my free 50 kWh per month?

And while you're saving money, why not ready the blog "Why pay cash for pre-paid electricity when you can use your credit card?" and earn cash back and "reward points".

image image

How to save electricity:

*) turn down the temperature setting on your thermostat
- here's where and how: Where is my geyser's thermostat? How do I turn it down?
*) use less hot water (ie. Install a low‑flow shower head
). See here to purchase RST Profilence (RST contact details) and here for a report on savings (water and electricity
*) Shower, don't bath: see here for report on how much less power a shower uses than a bath
*) Install a geyser blanket to insulate your geyser and pipes. See here for a report on savings when using a geyser blanket (30% improvement)
*) use the ‘
Electricity Usage Calculator’ to see where you ‘spend’ your electricity.
*) Reduce your pool pump's ON time per day
*) Install ceiling insulation. See here for more info and suppliers
*) Lastly, use solar power to heat your geyser: install solar panels. If you are building a new house or if you replace your geyser, then install solar panels and a time switch. See here for non-savings installing a time switch if you don't have a solar geyser: non-savings report

Oh, and while we’re talking about rate increases – don’t forget that Metrorail plans to increase train fares on April 1.  The fare increase, the first since 2003, will see customers paying between R40 and almost R100 more than the current prices for a Metroplus monthly ticket.

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