Saturday, 18 June 2011

Discounted airtime for your cell phone – where’s the best price?

It’s been a while since I updated my “Buying Airtime Calculator” calculator (Feb 2009), so I decided to do another Bing search (anyone noticed that I’m avoiding Google?).  Truth-be-told, I was spurred to update the calculator after I saw a Tweet from @HifiCorp: “Now you can talk for more while paying less with our discount prepaid airtime offers!”.  The link takes you to a very large pdf file – I’ve snipped the great pricing: image

Or in tabular form from the calculator here:





Airtime Value

Actual Cost


Vodacom HiFiCorp Yes Jun-11 5.00 4.70 6.00%
Vodacom HiFiCorp Yes Jun-11 12.00 10.90 9.17%
Vodacom HiFiCorp Yes Jun-11 29.00 26.90 7.24%
Vodacom HiFiCorp Yes Jun-11 55.00 49.90 9.27%
Vodacom HiFiCorp Yes Jun-11 110.00 99.90 9.18%
MTN HiFiCorp Yes Jun-11 5.00 4.60 8.00%
MTN HiFiCorp Yes Jun-11 10.00 9.30 7.00%
MTN HiFiCorp Yes Jun-11 15.00 13.90 7.33%
MTN HiFiCorp Yes Jun-11 30.00 28.50 5.00%
CellC HiFiCorp Yes Jun-11 5.00 4.60 8.00%
CellC HiFiCorp Yes Jun-11 10.00 9.30 7.00%
CellC HiFiCorp Yes Jun-11 25.00 22.70 9.20%
CellC HiFiCorp Yes Jun-11 35.00 30.80 12.00%
CellC HiFiCorp Yes Jun-11 50.00 45.50 9.00%

Download the updated calculator which also lists the outlets that I could find here:

Anyone notice that they don’t list the new provider 8ta?  Do they even sell 8ta airtime?

That’s not just a question “out of the blue”… I’m getting suspicious about why GoogleAdsense suspended my account almost immediately after I posted this article on 8ta’s “special”: ‘I knew there had to be a catch with that 8ta deal for a Blackberry for R90 per month.... with free calls to a landline number’.
8ta was an advertiser on my blog – in fact the questions that I received were from readers asking about “my ad” on “my blog site”.
Since Google Adsense will not tell me the reason(s) for the suspension I will continue to speculate – and believe that this is the reason.

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