Sunday, 13 May 2012

Wow GConnect and AfriHosts’ new UnCapped ADSL offerings are the best priced!

So, as ADSL connectivity comes down in price in South Africa, I constantly look to see if it’s time for me to switch from purchasing bandwidth on a per GB basis or just go with an uncapped purchase.  I’ve tabulated the prices from various companies and worked out what the price point is that makes going uncapped worth it. 

Seems like GConnect’s latest offering (that also includes 100 free minutes of WiFi) is the best at R129 or R190 per month for 384kbps and 1 Mbps respectively.
Then for 4Mbps Afrihost’s offering is best at R397 pm, and for the 10Mbps offer for R997 pm.

Here are links to the other companies’ offerings:  Axxess, MWeb, OpenWeb, Telkom

If you were buying bandwidth on a per GB basis at say R10.00 (from AfriHost – where I pay R29 for 3GB per month), then the break-even point (@384 kbps) means that if I use more than 13 GB per month then it pays me to go Uncapped.  For 1 Mbps it is 20 GB per month; for 4 MBps it’s 41 GB and for 10Mbps it is 134GB.

Note: Axxess allows 2 connections to their uncapped service – nice…
Note also: these prices EXclude the Telkom ADSL line rental costs.

Also, bear in mind that going Uncapped also means that the speeds are shaped – which means it could be slower than the per GB capped speeds.

Well done GConnect for reducing the pricing and (in my eyes) being the winner for 384kbps and 1Mbps, and Afrihost the winner for the higher speeds (4 and 10Mbps).

But, for me, it’s still not worth going with the Uncapped offering – I don’t use that much bandwidth (yet), and I also get free bandwidth from FNB. and I also get free GB with my ADSL line contract – so it’s not a simple calculation.

Note… this post has been updated – see here for the updated information: Discovery Vitality’s Uncapped ADSL from R99 per month


  1. I always thought 189 was less than 190 - that would make WebAfrica's offering less than GConnect (yes, R1, but semantics...)

  2. Yup, well spotted Anonymous... But, I value the 100 free WiFi minutes per month that GConnect include in their offering at more than R1.

    I hope you agree?

    HTT ;)

  3. Hi There,

    G-Connect has launched new pricing which is over an above the Valentines day offering:
    384kbps – R99
    1Mbps – R175
    2Mbps – R235
    4Mbps – R335
    6Mbps – R495
    8Mbps – R545
    10Mbps – R595

    100 Minutes still included - Visible on Website.


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