Sunday, 8 August 2010

So WTF? No, ‘What’s That Font’… that they are using?

How often have you seen that advert or logo and you wonder What’s That Font they are using?  Well, sometimes it’s a self created (custom) font, but maybe not.
Here are a couple of great sites that help you to match the font that you have seen by either allowing you to upload the logo to their site for (online) analysis, or by asking you questions about the font and in doing so, limit the possible fonts to a handful.  Very clever!

A Twitter friend @Benjaminleach asked the question: “Does anyone know what this font is please?”.  He was referring to the “Sport Leader” logo below:
So, off I went to Google for options… found a pay program called “Font Matching Tool” [1MB] for $20.. and 2 online tools.

image  and image

allowed me to upload the Sport Leader logo
and it then correctly identified the letters in the logo – except for one, which I needed to UNselect.
It then gave me the results (5):

IdentiFont: allowed me to identify a font by answering a series of questions (and much, much more).  I entered the letters on the logo so that I would only be asked questions that can be answered from the letters specified:
I started with a possible 7315 possibilities and after each question, the number reduced:
After 17 questions, it gave the results: 30 possibilities and displayed all of the letters.
None of which were an exact match, which probably means that it was a custom font.

With information on the type font and where to buy it… nice, very nice!
While I’m writing about fonts… here’s the font that I found while creating this avatar for another Twitter friend @bryon13 
image Here is the font for this Android logo: DroidSans-Bold.ttf



Update on 24Aug2010:
Here's another great site for free fonts:

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