Sunday, 14 October 2012

Telkom ADSL speed upgrades… but you have to call to get it

Seems like the current Telkom ADSL speed increases don’t “just happen”… you need to call them to actually get the speed increase – well, that’s what I had to do.
Here are the steps that are involved:
1) Check whether you are in fact still at the old, slower speeds by using MyBroadBand’s speed test [use the “South African” option]:
image 2) Check that your line speed has been increased at the exchange by entering your telephone number:
image3) Then call 10210 (a toll free number if you are calling from a Telkom land line)
4) Navigate the voice menus to the DSL technical guys
5) Ask your friendly Telkom contact centre agent to increase your line speed – you will lose Internet connection and when it comes back you will have a faster connection to the Internet! :)
6) Check your speed again… much faster :) :
Thanks to Michal Mierzwa who commented on this article on MyBroadband: New Telkom ADSL speed upgrades start

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