Thursday, 15 November 2012

Checking your CellC data balance on your iPad with iOS6

Some people are battling to check their data balance on their CellC data account from their iPad… I use to use the iPad’s menu:
Settings->MobileData->SimApps->ProductsServices menu option… but for some reason - I think iOS 6.0 came along – then that stopped working. 

imageHere are various options that you can use:
1) put the SIM into a phone (you will need to purchase a MicroSIM adapter) and call the balance check *101#
2) from another Internet connection: go to and request your password via email, then go to:
MyAccount->Dashboard-> UsageInformation for a listing of usage and remaining data
3) put the SIM into a phone (you will need to purchase a MicroSIM adapter) and SMS the word "balance" to 14302
4) If you have iOS5: then use the iPad’s menu system: Settings->MobileData->SimApps->ProductsServices->BalanceEnquiry->Accept

Note: You can also read your SMSs (and voice mails) using the MyCellC->MyTools portal.  Register here:


Thanks to this forum for the information:


  1. Hi,

    I updated my IPAD (3rd Gen) to IOS 6.0.1, and the IPAD menus to check the balance is working...

  2. Hi, I updated to iOS 6.1 and the "SIM Apps" option is missing


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