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Make a CellC call and speak to over 60 international countries for no extra cost

Is this too good to be true? Dial 084 198 0001 from any cell phone (in South Africa) or any everyday Telkom land line to call any of the 60 listed countries 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at the cost of a normal local CellC phone call.

No contracts, no sign-up, no subscription or memberships.

All you pay for is the local call to the CellC number.

Free minutes canNOT be used. V.A.S (Value Added Services) rates apply.
VAS rates means that VAS rates are charged and excludes discounts of any kind such as free minutes etc.
The cost of calls to VAS numbers depend on your calling package.

Cell phones only in the following countries: USA (most networks); Canada; China; Singapore; Hong Kong

Browse your network provider's web site to see what the VAS call rate would be.
for Vodacom pre-paid Vodago: to Value-Added Services (Off-Peak) R1.08 (Peak) R3.60)
for Vodacom contract Talk 240: Value-Added Services (Off-Peak) R0.98 (Peak R1.88)

Still interested?, then go to their web site: for more information.
To use the service:
1) Dial 084 198 0001
2) Wait for the voice-prompt to enter your international number.
3) Enter the international dialing code for the country you’re dialing. No need to enter “0” beforehand, just the country’s code.
4) Dial the phone number.
For more info or clarifications: why not drop them an email:

Ok, now for HandyTechTipper's analysis of the offering:
As stated on their web site they are using Voice Over IP (VOIP) technology.... this means that when you make the call, you will be routed from the South African CellC network using VOIP to the party you are calling in the other country.
Essentially, this means that your voice will be take the following path:
1) your cell phone to your cellular provider,
2) to CellC to an automated voice response system that will answer the call and routed to the Internet and then to a telephone in the country that you have "dialled".
So, things to watch out for: 1) since it's voice over IP watch out for voice quality; 2) watch your cell phone account!
How do they do it? Well, 1 way of doing this would be to have the automated answering service route calls using SkypeOut ie: VOIP calls over the Internet that call "real" phones for a cheap rate. See here for SkypeOut rates:
See here for more Skype related articles:
Where do they make their money? They get a revenue share from the VAS calls ie: CellC gives FarCall a percentage from each call's cost... which needs to be more than the cost of making the call over the VOIP service (and their infrastructure and Internet costs: bandwidth and ADSL lines).
So, is their statement correct: "...forget the inconvenience of international calling cards, and ditch the local monopoly!"?
Well, I suppose, if you're on a contract that has low VAS rates then this will probably be cheaper that calling from your Telkom line but not cheaper than using SkypeOut.
But, if you're on prepaid, then I don't think many countries will be cheaper than Telkom rates and definitely fewer (if any) will be cheaper than using the calling card option - none will be cheaper than using the SkypeOut method.
See here for Telkom rates:

One thing's for sure - if you are going to use your cell phone to make an international call, then use this service - it will definitely be cheaper than calling the international party directly!
On Vodacom Talk 240 contract: International calls cost: (Per minute) Off-Peak: R0.95 + Telkom Off-Peak {Peak: R1.76 + Telkom Peak}
On prepaid Vodago:
depending on global zone: ranges from R5.50 to R17.50 per minute!

See here for another calling service that allows you to Use your cell phone's free minutes to make international calls

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