Monday, 20 July 2009

Are you tuned in to "Cape Town TV" - the free TV channel (no decoder required)?

You might think this is old news, but most people that I speak to are not aware of a free channel on the air that doesn't need a decoder or satellite dish. CTV (Cape Town TV, not CTV Canada) has been broadcasting in Cape Town since 1st Sept 2008 and also broadcasts Al Jazeera news 2 hours per day. The main issue that I had was tuning my VCR away from CTV's channel. This problem is due to CTV being given the same channel (38) as most VCRs use. See here for more background info:

If you have this problem, then the simplest solution is to turn OFF your VCR when you want to tune in to CTV (and of course when you want to watch CTV). When you turn on your VCR, then CTV will be interfered with and will not be watchable.
Once you have sampled CTV's offering, then you might want to retune your VCR so that you can record CTV.

Cape Town TV is dedicated to providing the people of Cape Town with a television service that is entertaining, informative and educational.
The channel is run by a non-profit organisation and is licensed as a community television station.

There's a fair amount of repeat programs but some real gems like conspiracy theory-type programs - very, very interesting... even with the poor reception that we have.

Go on... give it a try...
1) Turn off any VCRs and decoders
2) Pick an unused channel on your TV and tune it into channel 38, and voila, 1 more free channel to add to your bouquet.

See here for a coverage map and instructions on how to tune in:

See here for CTV's schedule: and to see when Al Jazeera is broadcast.

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