Monday, 6 July 2009

Comply with the new law (RICA) and register your cellphone number today

RICA is the Regulation of Interception of Communications Act (and Provision of Communication-Related Information Act) and it requires that everyone who has an active cellphone number or purchases a new Prepaid Starter Pack, has to register their SIM cards from 1 July 2009.

Who must register?:
All current and new Contract, Top Up and Prepaid customers must register their SIM cards.

Existing customers:
Current subscribers who have activated their cellphone numbers prior to 1st July 2009, need to register their personal details against that cellphone number (SIM card) in order to comply with the RICA Act. This must be done within 18 months from the 1st of July 2009.

New customers:
When purchasing a new starter pack customers are required to register the new SIM card and provide their personal details. New SIM cards will only be activated on the network, once the relevant SIM card has been registered.

What information and documents do you need to take with you to register?
You are required to provide the following information when registering your SIM card:
  • Cellphone number
  • Full names and surname
  • ID number or passport number - you will need to show one of the following documents as proof of identity: Green barcoded ID document or Temporary ID certificate, or Passport
  • Your residential address: You will need to show any document that includes your name and residential address such as a bank statement, municipal rates, cellphone or retail account (not older than three (3) months), existing lease, rental or credit agreement, insurance policy, current TV or motor vehicle license.
If you live in an informal settlement you can provide a letter and/or affidavit from a school, church or retail store where you receive your post (this letter must be on an official letterhead or have the stamp of the school, church or retail store).

Please note: Registration must be done in person to confirm your identity.

Which SIM cards must be registered?
All Contract, Top Up and Prepaid cellphone numbers must be registered.
This includes:
  • All data SIM cards used in smartphones, data cards, laptops, modems, etc.;
  • Telemetry SIM cards such as the SIM cards used in tracking devices;
  • SIM cards in lease-cost routers and other PABX routers;
  • New SIM cards in order to have your cellphone number activated;
  • Existing cellphone numbers - to ensure that your number does not get disconnected.

When is it your responsibility to be RICA compliant?
  • If you own a SIM card
  • If you are paying a cellphone contract for yourself
  • When a family member's cellphone bill is in your name
  • If you're a parent or guardian of minors using SIM cards
  • When you transfer a SIM card from another individual's name into your name (Contract and Prepaid)
  • When you port your cellphone number to another network.

The good news ;) Registration is free.

See here for more details:

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  1. How come Cellular companies refuse to help people who are harassed by stalkers?

  2. RICA, now criminals have to kill people and to steal their cellphones in order to commit the crimes RICA was initially invented to prevent

  3. RICA.... Now we will have more robot's out of order cause criminals will steal the sim cards that is registered.


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