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Free Excel templates and spreadsheets including calendar, loan, mortgage, budget, invoice, timeline, timesheet, gantt, and schedule templates

Download free Excel templates and spreadsheets from Vertex42 including calendar, loan, mortgage, budget, invoice, timeline, timesheet, gantt, and schedule templates. What's the catch?: Free to download, but there's a fee to get the unlock code to see the formulas and edit the templates.

List of Excel Templates
* The templates marked with the " * " work in Open Office.

Calendars & Schedules
* Excel Calendar Template
* Yearly Calendar
* Monthly Calendar
* Weekly Calendar Template
* Work Schedule *
* Weekly Schedule *
* Shift Schedule *
* Daily Planner
* Weekly Planner
* Monthly Planner Template
* New Year's Resolution Calendar

* Personal Budget *
* Personal Monthly Budget *
* Family Budget Planner *
* Household Budget Worksheet (monthly) *
* Home Budget Worksheet (yearly)
* Wedding Budget Template *
* Checkbook *
* Expense Tracker

Invoice & Inventory
* Service Invoice Template *
* Sales Invoice Template *
* Purchase Order *
* Billing Statement *
* Asset Tracking
* Home Inventory *

Timesheets & HR
* Employee Time Sheet *
* Timesheet with Breaks *
* Timecard *
* Expense Report *
* Vacation Tracking

* Class Schedule *
* Class Attendance Tracking *
* School Calendar
* Academic Calendar

Project Management
* Gantt Chart
* To Do List*
* Timeline Template
* Timeline Examples

Loan Calculators
* Amortization Schedule
* Car Loan Calculator
* Simple Loan Calculator *
* Amortization Table
* Simple Interest Calculator
* Interest Only Loan
* Balloon Loan Mortgage Calculator
* Boat Loan Calculator

Mortgage Calculators
* Home Mortgage Calculator
* Mortgage Payment Calculator *
* ARM Loan Calculator
* Home Equity Loan Calculator
* Extra Payments
* Canadian Mortgage Calculator
* Simple Interest Mortgage
* More Mortgage Spreadsheets

Retirement & Savings
* Simple Savings Interest Calculator
* Retirement Savings Calculator

Personal Finance
* Debt Reduction Snowball Calculator
* Credit Card Payoff Calculator
* Home Expense Calculator
* Stock Quotes

Financial Statements
* Balance Sheet *
* Income Statement *
* Cash Flow Statement *
* Break Even Point
* Net Worth Statement *

Exercise / Health
* Weight Loss Log
* Food Log
* Weight Chart
* Exercise Chart
* Exercise Log
* Weight Lifting Chart
* Weight Lifting Log
* Body Mass Index Chart
* Grocery Shopping List
* Menu Planner *

Other Templates
* Gas Mileage Log & Calculator
* Blank Sudoku Grid
* Wedding Checklist Template *
* Sign In Sheet *

Directory of Other Free Excel Templates:

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