Sunday, 28 February 2010

Nokia 6110 giving ‘out of memory’ problems

My pet hate about my Nokia 6110 Navigator is the amount of memory (RAM) that it has.  I often need to run more applications at the same time eg: Navigator for where I’ve got to go, Internet browser, and GMail to see where I’ve got to go.  Opening these apps at the same time is impossible (I get an error “Memory full. Close some applications and try again!”), and I’ve got to close one of them to get to the other.

I really wish Nokia had packed more RAM into this phone :(

Another memory problem that I managed to solve (sort of), was a problem with the on-board 40MB phone memory (the C drive).  It also has a microSD memory card (the E drive) that I have upgraded to 4GB… but I’m referring to the on-board phone memory.  Here are some tips to ensure that the on-board phone memory doesn’t get full again: 
1) Install all applications on the microSD card (E drive) – I have uninstalled most of the apps that I had installed on the C drive and reinstalled them on the E drive.
2) Messaging: move all messages to E drive: It got to a point that I could not receive SMSs and I had to continuously delete SMSs and then turn off my phone to force Vodacom to send me the new SMSs.  Now that was a real pain!  So, this post by Vaibhav Sharma helped me to figure out how to move the SMSs from C drive to E drive (microSD card):
Change your default ‘Messaging’ memory to the microSD card (E drive).  To do this, go to ‘Messaging’, then Options>Settings>Other>’Memory In Use’.  {Now that must be the most well-hidden menu option in the entire Universe!}  Select the option to copy all messages to the E drive and then ‘yes’ to delete the messages from the C drive.  Now, all old messages and future new messages will be stored on the microSD card (E drive) and the phone’s memory will be left for Nokia’s native applications.


  1. Oh thanks for this article, I almost buy this nokia type.

  2. Hi "utp crossover cable"

    Don't get me wrong - the phone is a great phone, but make sure you install all programs on the memory card and not on the phone.


    HTT ;)


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