Monday, 30 August 2010

If you are under 25, spend R40 per month with Vodacom, then there are some freebies for you

I registered my kids and looking forward to getting their

15 SVS’s every month;

15 MMS’s every month;

3 MB of data every month;

Hold on... what is an SVS?

I initially read this as SMS... but Googling eventually found the answer: SVS = Short Voice Service

Oh, and what's with the American spelling of Colour?

Using SVS

Dial. Talk. Hang up. Message delivered. It's really that simple! No more waiting for the recipient's cellphone to ring or listening to their voicemail greeting - you can talk for up to 25 seconds before a warning beep lets you know that you've got 5 seconds to end your message for only R0.45 - SVS today!

To send an SVS:

Press the # key on your cellphone and enter the person's cellphone number (e.g #082 123 4567)

Press dial

Listen to the voice prompts and leave your message

A reminder SMS alert notification will be sent to the recipient if they've not listened to your SVS within 6 days.

Receiving SVS

Your family and friends will find it just as easy, convenient and non-intrusive to pick-up your SVSs. Once your SVS has been sent, the recipient is notified via SMS. To retrieve a SVS simply dial #99.

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Vodacom COLOR for under 25’s

Vodacom COLOR launched on 27 May 2010 for all Prepaid and Top Up clients under the age of 25 years.

This fun, new offering will help you to keep in touch with all your favourite things:  friends, loved ones, music and the world of gaming.  COLOR will allow you to tailor and bundle services and products to suit your needs AND save money!

So, how does it work?  It is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1. Register for Vodacom COLOR

If you are already a Vodacom Prepaid/Top Up client, you can register in the following ways:

You can register more than one cellphone number on your name.

If you are a new client, look out for the funky Vodacom COLOR Starter Packs and purchase one for yourself!

Registered Prepaid clients who recharge with at least R40 every 30 days will receive the following FREE:

  • 15 SVS’s every month;

  • 15 MMS’s every month;

  • 3 MB of data every month;

  • Vodacom e-mail address;

  • celebrity gossip / music / movie news every day;

  • AdMe registration that puts you in line to win great prizes!

(These FREE benefits are worth approximately R25!)

If you are a registered Vodacom COLOR Top Up client, you will get these benefits without having to recharge every 30 days.

You must use these benefits within 30 days.  Seven days before expiry, you will receive an SMS to notify you of the upcoming expiry date.

REMEMBER:  you must be under the age of 25 to register for Vodacom COLOR!

In addition (provided Vodacom COLOR Prepaid customers have recharged with at least R40 in the last 30 days), you can also choose from any of the COLOR UP Bundles at great discounted rates.

Purchase COLOR UP Bundles:

four bundles are available exclusively to Vodacom COLOR clients:

These four bundles are available exclusively to Vodacom COLOR clients:

These COLOR UP Bundles are valid for 30 days.  You can buy more than one bundle at a time, but you cannot buy two of the same bundles in a 30-day cycle.

You can buy COLOR UP Bundles through one of the following channels:

  • Visit on your cellphone or visit on your PC.

  • SMS “COLOR” to 31116 (FREE from a Vodacom cellphone).  You will receive a confirmation SMS containing a link to Vodacom COLOR.

  • COLOR UR Talk (discounted Night Shift) and COLOR UR Friends (Social Networking and SMS Bundle), can also be purchased by dialing *111*31116# and then selecting the “Purchasing” option

3. Manage your Vodacom COLOR account

If you want to check your Vodacom COLOR balance, you can:

  • Dial *111*COLOR# and choose “Balance Enquiry”;

  • Visit on your cellphone or on your PC and view the “Account Page” where you will see what your remaining balances are, as well as which COLOR UP Bundles you have purchased.

You can do small recharges that add up to R40 within 30 days to stay on Vodacom COLOR and receive the benefits (for example: R19 + R6 + R15).

When you recharge with R120 or more within 30 days, you will receive Vodacom COLOR benefits for a maximum of 60 days (15 MMS’s, 15 SVS’s and 3 MB data for 2 consecutive months).

ed more info?

  • Call the Vodacom COLOR support line on 082 1 9326 (FREE from a Vodacom cellphone);

  • Call Vodacom Customer Care on 111 (FREE from a Vodacom cellphone) or 082 111 from any other phone (standard rates apply);

  • Visit .

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