Sunday, 27 March 2011

Is your Adobe Flash crashing (your Firefox browser)?

Ever since I upgraded either to FireFox browser version 3.6.15 OR Adobe Flash (formerly Macromedia Flash) version 10 my Firefox browser crashed
So, all flash games and even YouTube stopped working for me! :(
CrashReporter comes up and reports the problem to the Mozilla team – but no response from them… luckily for me Firefox 4.0 has just been released – so rather than try to downgrade Firefox to an older version, I decided to take the plunge and upgrade to version 4 – and risk some of my extensions/addins not working in this brand new, fresh version.

It worked, and now my flash sites work – and some Firefox extensions don’t work (yet)

image   image

If you do want to debug your Flash installation then go here for more details here: the Mozilla Knowledge Base


  1. I had the same problem. Firefox would intermittently hook and then recover. I suspected it was flash and updated it, but with each update it just seemed worse.I jumped at the chance to get Firefox 4 loaded and viola - much better. I'm just upset that my Delicious plugin is not supported in Firefox 4. Checked yesterday 18/04/2011 but still no luck.

  2. Hi Julian

    Thanks for the comment - glad FF4 also "solved" your problem ;)


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