Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Blackberry Desktop Manager hangs in “conflict resolution” window [Solved!]

Further to my post “Blackberry Desktop Manager Sync Error 0x80040fb3 and 0x8004fceb [Solved!]”, I have found another workaround for a problem when the Blackberry Desktop Manager (version 7) hangs after syncing with MS Outlook - when the "conflict resolution" window is displayed but no actions can be taken – all mouse clicks are locked and do nothing.
The problem occurs when conflicts are found and the BDM app asks the user to decide which data to use for each conflict.  The user needs to click on each conflicting entry and tell the app which is the correct data to keep.  However, sometimes (no, most times) the app hangs (application is not responding) and no items can be selected – no further action is possible, except to kill the BDM app from the task manager :( 

This is very frustrating and luckily I think I stumbled on a simple workaround: close MS Outlook before launching the Blackberry Desktop Manager app – then launch the BDM app and start the sync process.  It should then work fine.  BTW, I also decided to sync calendar then contacts – not both at the same time.  Once your sync has been successful, you can then reopen MS Outlook again.

Let me know if this works for you!





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