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SkypeOut: save money on long distance calls to real telephones... and get 20% discount when you purchase SkypeOut credit

Do you have an Internet connection, speakers and mic? Do you want to save money on international phone calls?
If the answers to all these questions are "YES", then you can benefit from “Free Internet Telephony that just works”.
All you need to do is install the Skype program (Download Skype), register a nickname (don’t give any personal information like home telephone number) then search for people already registered then click to speak or text – it’s that simple.
Go to Skype if you need more information.

Skype-to-Skype: calls are free (you pay for the Internet bandwidth, but nothing for the actual call). To anywhere in the world and at anytime, day, night, morning or weekends.
See here for more info: Skype more info.

Here's more info on the SkypeOut feature:
Using SkypeOut means that I can call a “normal” phone over the Internet by using my PC (and mic and speakers). The phone rings in the normal way and is answered as "usual". I pay the SkypeOut rate which is 2 Euro cents per minute! (about 25 SA cents).
The voice quality is great (just make sure that you're not downloading email or surfing at the same time).... and I'm using a standard 56k modem (no iSDN, nor ADSL) but if you have a faster connection then great (then try using the video too).
Tip: add echo123 to your contacts and test speech quality on the Skype robot before making the “real” call.

The registration process is simple and fast: you can purchase 10 or 25 Euros on a credit card. Your credits then get activated within 15 minutes, then you dial the number on the Skype screen and then the phone rings on the other end of the world - wonderful!!!

To get your 20% discount: register on using this link: Register on FatWallet then purchase your SkypeOut credit using this link: Purchase SkypeOut credit
If you are not interested in getting the 20% discount then go to Skype directly here: Purchase SkypeOut credit

It’s just 1.7 euro cents per minute to the 30 most popular destinations, but there’s a big list of rates: (SkypeOut rates (in ZAR)) to destinations everywhere in the world.
Compare those SkypeOut rates with the Telkom rates: Telkom's International rates

Here's an added bonus: calls to 'toll free' numbers all over the world are free too!
Note: a connection fee of 4 Euro cents (about 50 SA cents) is charged per SkypeOut call.
SkypeOut is the great, wallet-friendly way to call phones and mobiles directly from Skype.

From Skype:
The most important fact about our rates is that you really don’t have to pay them. Help your friends, family and business contacts to use Skype and stop paying for talking to them. However, if you insist on calling regular phone numbers, feel free to do so. You can find out all about the rates for doing soon this and the following pages.
It does not matter where you’re calling from, only where you’re calling to. Sitting in London and calling your friend next door costs the same as sitting in Beijing and calling your friend in London.

Sometimes Telkom is cheaper (to small countries, and for local SA calls, some mobile calls).
SkypeOut calls to mobile phones are more expensive (but usually cheaper than Telkom rates)

You can even send SMSs using your SkypeOut credits:
How much does it cost?

Just like sending texts from your mobile, you pay per SMS message you send from Skype, but they are usually much cheaper. The cost of each text depends on where in the world you’re sending it to (but not where you’re sending it from, however). It’s 7.8 Euro cents (that's about R1) to most places, but there’s a big list of rates to destinations worldwide: Skype's SMS rates

See here for more info: More info on Skype's SMS

Communicate with your Skype contacts using your cell phone: use Fring or NimBuzz.

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