Thursday, 23 October 2008

Here's a solution to finding stuff in your Outlook email client.... if you struggle to find stuff in your email folders then this one's for you

There are a lot of strategies for managing your email - they range from filing emails in specific folders based on person or topic or theme. Some even suggest deleting the emails once they're done with. If you're like me then you have a single InBox and once the email has been read and actioned, I then move it into a single folder called InboxDone.
Now, saying that Outlook's search functionality is bad is being too kind!!!! It nearly drove me to use GMail's web client which I know is brilliant and fast at finding any email.
So I rely on other indexing tools to help find specific emails later. There are wonderful free desktop search tools out there like Google desktop search and Microsoft Windows Search. I use Copernic Desktop Search (version 2.3.18 since the latest version 3 has less available for the home user than version 2
I had tried Google Desktop (, but I found that too resource hungry (CPU and HDD).
Thanks to Cape Talk's Hard Drive program ( on Tues afternoons (about 17h40), I've tried a new Outlook add-in that works the best so far (altho it only indexes emails and not other files on your disk - so I guess, I won't be uninstalling Copernic Desktop Search).
It does the search (very fast) inside the Outlook window and arranges all the mails by person, and then by the conversations. It also displays all the attachments they have sent :)
As if the intuitive search wasn't enough, it also provides stats (called analytics) that show info like: who mails you most, who takes the longest to respond, etc...
It’s called: Xobni ( interesting name - I'll leave it up to you to figure out how they got to that name ;)
But it will definitely change your frustrating times searching for emails around, inside out, back to front, maybe even backwards? ;)
Best of all - it's free!

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