Thursday, 23 October 2008

Step by step guide to getting your Outlook email from your old PC to a new PC

Ever wonder how to migrate your Outlook emails from an old PC to a new one? Well, here's a quick way:
The emails are stored in .pst files - so if you find the file(s) on your HDD then copy them into the same folder on your new PC then the emails and folders will be transferred.
In the main Outlook window: Tools->Options->Mail setup->Data files->click on the name then click on 'Open folder"
An explorer window will open and then copy the .pst file onto a flash drive and then into the same folder on your new computer.
Repeat the process for any other .pst files that you may want to copy.
While you are copying, why not copy the .pab files - these are Outlook's address book files.
You might need to use the File->Open->'Open data file' to force Outlook to open the .pst files.
If you want to copy individual emails then you can multi-select the emails in Outlook (click on the first email, then Shift-'and the last email'-and-click), then press Ctrl-C, then go to Windows Explorer and paste the files into a folder (by pressing Ctrl-V). The emails will then be copied into the folder as .msg files. Double click to open the messages.

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