Friday, 26 June 2009

Firearms license: gun owners have more time with their firearms until the court tests the validity of The Firearms Control Act

News24 reports "Gun owners get reprieve": News24

So, firearm licenses that were obtained under the old Arms and Ammunition Act (the green gun licenses) will be deemed valid for the time being (until the court tests the validity of The Firearms Control Act).

This does not mean that you can still apply for a license renewal (under the recent new South African gun laws) - it only means that you can't be arrested if you have your firearm after 1st July. So, for those that didn't apply for their license renewal, there's no need to hand their firearms in... yet.

Other HTT articles on the new South African gun license laws:
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Find out (online) what those Government departments are talking about when they refer to Section xyz of Act no. nnnn of 1972


  1. Great Stuff, If the FCA is termed invalid and I have de registered my firearm through a gunsmith does this then mean I cannot get my firearm back into my name.

    With the tardiness of SAPS what a joke, I would like to see the remedy for this.

  2. The very fact that all those thousands of guns have been handed in and many made unservicable is in my opinion why they cant overturn this new firearms control act.

    I suspect your weapon is gone for good.


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