Saturday, 27 June 2009

This is amazing!: Perceptual Experiment: can you count the correct number of ball passes?

I was blown away by this experiment. But, be warned - only try this when you have lots of time - you will want to try it out on all of your friends and colleagues!
This is a short, but fascinating two-part test of your perceptual abilities. For the first part, you will be shown a 30-second video of six college students divided into two teams. Three students are wearing white T-shirts, while the other three are wearing black. Each team has a basketball which they are passing to members of their team.
Your task is to count the number of passes made by the team wearing white T-shirts. Click the first link below to watch the video and then return here for part two.

One gender has proven to be more perceptive. Which do you think it is?

Once you have the number of passes, click the second link for the answer.

Go here to try it out for yourself:
The Perceptual Experiment by the PEERS Websites and The Transformation Team

I think the perceptual test is a brilliant way of illustrating to me that I won't always believe everything I see!

It's visual perception, subliminal perception all together.

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