Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Only 12 hours to go to pre-purchase that electricity before the 31.3% increase at midnight (later tonight)

There's only 12 hours to go before you'll be paying 31.3% more for your electricity. Here's some additional info if you benefit from getting free units per month for low usage clients:
As heard on Cape Talk this morning (Aden Thomas's show):
For low usage clients: If you load up your meter now, then you can still get your free units per month if you still purchase some units per month - so go to www.energy.co.za (or go to your local electricity vendor) and buy just R5.00 to get your free units - and do that once per month.
Note: HTT has not verified this practise.
Note: www.energy.co.za allows up to R2,000 per transaction, but multiple transactions are allowed (up to your credit card's limit of course)

{Low usage clients means: if you are on ‘Domestic 2‘ (i.e. low consumption: less than 600 kWh per month), then you qualify for 50 free units per month.}

Remember, if you've already got your free units this month, then your purchases will seem "more expensive" (ie: you won't get as many units as when you had purchased your electricity earlier this month).

See here for more detailed info:
Load your meter now, plus energy saving tips

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