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Free SMS 31050 to get Vodacom info: Current Balance Or Call Limit Is, Or How many Available Minutes You Have

{From Vodaworld:
Or, do you prefer a dose of jokes and riddles every now and then? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you will love Vodacom's Keyword SMS service.  Keyword SMS is an easy-to-use service that allows Vodacom Service Provider customers to send keywords via SMS in an abbreviated format, to request information relevant to their package.

How does it work?
SMS the "keyword" to 31050.  You’ll receive a reply SMS with the requested information. You don’t have to call in and speak to a Customer Care consultant - the answers to your questions are right at your fingertips.

Keywords available to Prepaid and Top Up subscribers:
for Service Summary
CS for Call Sponsor
RH for Recharge History
AB for Account Balance

Keywords available to all Vodacom subscribers:
for Over the Air Settings
ES for E-mail Service Status
ACS for Adult-Content Status
2YW for Two Year Warranty
HELP for Help
MENU for Available Keywords

Keywords available to VSP Contract & Top Up subscribers:
AB for Available Balance
AB for Account Balance
ADD for Address
*AM for Available Minutes
*AS for Available Seconds
AT for Airtime Transfer
BD for Banking Details
CB for Current Balance
*CL for Call Limit
CS for Call Sponsor
LI for Last Invoice
LP for Last Payment
MM for Used Multi-Media
PI for Proposed Invoice
RD for Random Riddle
RJ for Random Joke
*SB for Available SMS Bundle
SP for Who is my SP?
SS for Service Summary
SUM for Summary
UG for Upgrade
VAS for Active VAS

*Not applicable to Top Up subscribers


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