Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Compare airline tickets online in South Africa

So, Tweeple were looking for online sites to book air tickets in South Africa – probably now planning their end of year Christmas holidays in Cape Town or Durban. 

These are the main airlines in South Africa – you can either click on each link and manually compare prices one-by-one or scroll down to an aggregator that does the fetching of the prices and you can compare all on one page
(Note: that some aggregators add a lot to the price… so, I usually use the aggregator to get an indication of price, then go to the direct site to do the booking):

List of airlines (in no specific order):
South African Airways (SAA):
British Airways (BA):

Kulula/ComAir: (get up to 50% off if you have a Discovery Vitality card)
Mango Air:  (get 10% off if you have an Edgars Club card)

Virgin Atlantic: (no domestic flights)

South African Express: Liquidated on 27 Feb 2008
1Time Airlines: Stopped operating on 2 Nov 2012
Velvet Sky: Ceased operations in February 2012 and was liquidated in May 2012

Aggregator sites: image image image image
A lot of these aggregators are “skinned” which means that they all query the same search engine disguised as different sites – the main search engine seems to be the TravelStart one.  Each “skinned” site gets a commission for the bookings.

International travel flights:
Check where you are sitting on the plane:

Update on 16Nov2011: Register for ExpertFlyer Seat Alerts feature, and be notified when the exact seat you want becomes available! See here for a list of supported airlines (South African ones are listed): Free for 1 alert at a time.

Updated on 19Nov2012: Register Updated links to airlines that have been liquidated

Looking for a hotel?:
If you are looking for hotels, then this is a great site:

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