Monday, 31 August 2009

Two simple tips to prevent those emails that are sent too early

How often have you pressed the ‘Send’ button by mistake and have to scramble to unplug your Internet connection to prevent that email from being sent?  Well, here are two ways that I use to prevent those mistakes. The most common mistakes that I make when sending an email are to forget to add the attachment, and to add/remove addresses to/from the address fields.

Here are the 2 tips:
1) When replying to an important email I always put an invalid email address (e.g. ‘xxxx’) in the ‘cc’ field.  So, if I do happen to press the ‘Send’ button by mistake, then my email client will complain that it doesn’t know who ‘xxxx’ is.  So, once I’ve checked the email content and its attachments, I can then remove the ‘xxxx’ “address”.
2) As another failsafe (yeah, call me paranoid) method of ensuring that the email gets sent to the correct parties, is to turn off Microsoft Outlook’s ‘Send immediately when connected’ setting: UNtick: “Tools->Options->Mail setup->Send immediately when connected”

BTW: did you know that Google Mail’s (labs) feature “Settings->Labs-> Forgotten Attachment Detector” that will warn you if you refer to an attachment in the email but there isn’t an attached file? Note: obviously you need to be using an Internet browser for sending the email.

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