Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Amazing new water purification system – you have to see this “magic”

If your business is water purification or treatment then you need to see this new technology that turns dirty water into crystal clear water before your eyes. This new machine is about to arrive in South Africa for a show-and-tell road trip and will then go into production in South Africa for delivery to all corners of the world.

From the AquaMag Africa home page:

The patented MagSep Magnetic Separator is a revolutionary water clarification system designed to efficiently remove fine pollutant particles from water.

It can be added to an existing water treatment system to enhance performance or be installed as a new system to meet tight discharge limits at the lowest cost.

The MagSep is compact and usually meets the tightest space limitations. For example, a unit measuring 1.4 metres by 1.5 metres can process over 1,300 litres per minute.


  • Low cost
  • Small size
  • High water quality
  • Low energy use
  • Low waste
  • Reliable
  • Easy to operate
  • Operates by gravity
  • No pumps
  • 3 small motors

See the video on YouTube (below [2MB]) to see the water go from muddy to crystal clear before your eyes!:

Aquamag Magsep Water clarification system

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