Thursday, 21 May 2009

AutoTweet each time someone reads an article on your Blog... How to connect to Twitter

I'm assuming you know what Twitter is... one of the things it's good at is letting you talk (tweet) to your followers and to the world.
Now all those bloggers out there want, no need, to tell everyone that they've posted a new article on their blog - and for that HootSuite can be set up to automatically poll your blog and Tweet about any new postings (uses the RSS feed feature):

Now what if you want to show your Tweets on your Blog?

Then add an html gadget to your page and paste the following:

Also, has a gadget called "Twikut" that shows your last few Twitters on your Blog's page.

Now what if you want to AutoTweet each time someone reads an article on your Blog?
Let's see if we can explain this WhatIs and HowTo:
eg: "AutoTweetRead - Blog_Title -"

This would be a way of advertising the articles on your blog on Twitter - where the Twitters' frequency is relative to the number of times each is read.

All credits go to
John K Weber for thinking up the concept and then creating the mechanism to autoTweet.

Here's a detailed description of how to connect to Twitter for each read:

An AutoTweet will be created whenever any blog article is read.
It is written in php and is extremely easy to set up (refer to code in zip file below).
1) Download and unzip the file, then

2) Edit the php file and change username:password to your own Twitter usename and password, then
3) Change the text that you want to be displayed on your tweet eg: "AutoTweet: Some1 has read blog: Blog Title XYZ"
4) Save the file to somethingyoulike.php
5) Upload it to a trusted server of your choice

Then, make your blog call this script that will AutoTweet your blog article.

If you use then place it in an HTML/JavaScript gadget and call it with the following line of code:

{Note: join the following lines into 1 line}
< img alt="Tweet this Referrer URL" src="

That's it.... whenever this file is called it should send a Tweet to your Twitter account automatically with the article name and the URL to the article.

Note: the reader's browser needs to load images for the script to trigger the AutoTweet.

Here's the php code: Download and then unzip:

John K Weber gr8 job! I agree with you "It is amazing that Twitter seemed to be such a useless tool and now it seems to be one of the biggest internet phenomenons. Go figure....."

If you think
Facebook is gr8 - then go give Twitter a try - you will be blown away!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Beware of scammers using false logos eg: SolarQuip

Beware of the usage of similar but false logos: A colleague thought he was getting product that was SABS approved and services from the same company that was a member of an "Association" - he was wrong.

It looked like the SABS logo; and the web site stated they were a "Member Solar Energy Society of Southern Africa your Protection".

BUT, the SABS logo is different and their products are not SABS approved, and there's no association called "Solar Energy Society of Southern Africa" - it's called "Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa"

Here are the logos (see for yourself here:
SABS logo: vs false logo used:
The SESSA "Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa" logo: vs non-existant ("Solar Energy Society of Southern Africa"):

I wonder what complaining to the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASA) and SABS will result in?

I sympathise with my colleague and I too consider this to be false advertising of SolarQuip's products (solar panels and solar geysers) and services.

Mail them ( and let them know that this is not acceptable!
Tell your friends to watch out...

Maybe some bad advertising will make them change their tune??!!

Update on 16June2010:
Watch out or, at least, be aware: #WTF Geyser's element has just blown <3 years after installation... 5 year geyser warranty, but only 3 months on the element! #FFS #RipOff

Saturday, 9 May 2009 really works - I've tried it and it works :)

If you need anything done by the Cape Town Municipality then why not give their ticket driven service centre a try? It worked for me - no phone calls, no standing in queues, no waiting call centre queues.. no queues at all - just one email and the problem was sorted.

Actually, 2 emails: 1 for the request, and another, a reply to say thanks to them for such awesome service!

We had problems with street lights and 2 days after the said email, the lights were working again!

Give it a try: send an email to with exact details of the problem and they will reply with a reference number and a couple of days later problem solved.

Their web page is here if you need more info:

Good luck

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Secret Skype emoticons: summarised list

Further to my list of Skype emoticons, I thought that I would do a re-posting - the quality of the emoticons' images in the previous posting was poor.

Of course Skype users can click on the Emoticon button and use the standard emoticons

or type in the following:
{paste them into your Skype chat to see the emoticons}

{note: the duplicate smileys show that there's more than 1 way to type the smiley}

angel (angel)
angry :@ :-@ :=@ x( x-( X( X-( x=( X=( (angry)
beer (beer) (bricklayers)
blush (blush) :$ :-$ :=$
bow (bow)
cake (^) (cake)
call (call)
cash (cash) (mo) ($)
clap (clap)
coffee (coffee)
cool 8-) 8=) B-) B=) (cool)
cry ;( ;-( ;=( (cry)
dance (dance) \o/ \:D/ \:d/
devil (devil)
doh (doh)
drink (d) (D) (drink)
drunk (drunk)
dull -( ( =( (dull)
eg ]:) >:) (grin)
emo (emo)
envy (envy)
finger (finger)
flower (F) (f) (flower)
fubar (fubar)
giggle (chuckle) (giggle)
handshake (handshake)
happy (happy)
headbang (headbang) (banghead)
heart (h) (H) (l) (L) (heart)
brokenheart (u) (U) (brokenheart)
heidy (heidy)
hi (wave) (hi) (bye)
hug (hug) (bear)
inlove (inlove) (love)
kiss :* :-* :=* (kiss)
laugh :D :-D :=D :d :-d :=d (laugh)
mail (e) (m) (mail)
makeup (makeup) (kate)
mmm (mm) (mmm) (mmmm)
mooning (mooning)
movie (~) (film) (movie)
muscle (flex) (muscle)
music (music)
myspace (myspace)
nerdy 8- B- 8 B 8= B= (nerd)
lipssealed :x :-x :X :-X :# :-# :=x :=X :=#
ninja (ninja)
no (n) (N) (no)
nod (nod)
party (party)
phone (mp) (ph) (phone)
pizza (pi) (pizza)
poolparty (poolparty) (hrv)
puke (puke) :& :-& :=&
punch (punch)
rain (rain) (london)
rock (rock)
rofl (rofl)
sad :( :-( :=( (sad)
shake (shake)
skype (skype) (ss)
sleepy -) I-) I=) (snooze)
smile :) :-) :=) (smile)
smirk (smirk)
smoke (smoking) (smoke) (ci)
star (*) (star)
sun (sun)
surprised :O :-O :=O :o :-o :=o (surprised)
swear (swear)
sweat (sweat) (:
speechless : :- := (speechless)
talk (talk)
think (think) :-? :? :=?
time (o) (O) (time) (clock)
tmi (tmi)
toivo (toivo)
tongueout :P :-P :=P :p :-p :=p (tongueout)
wait (wait)
wasntme (wasntme)
whew (whew)
wink ;) ;-) ;=) (wink)
wonder :^) (wonder)
worry :S :s :-s :-S :=s :=S (worry)
yawn (yawn)
yes (y) (Y) (ok) (yes)

But here are some more (secret) keyboard keystrokes that you can use in your Skype chats:
{paste them into your Skype chat to see the emoticons}
{note: the duplicate smileys show that there's more than 1 way to type the smiley}

bandit (bandit)
bug (bug)
call (call)
finger (finger)
fubar (fubar)
headbang (headbang) (banghead)
heidy (heidy)
mooning (mooning)
myspace (myspace)
poolparty (poolparty) (hrv)
rock (rock)
smoke (smoking) (smoke) (ci)
swear (swear)
tmi (tmi)
toivo (toivo)

So, how did I find all of these....
I "translated" this posting into Windows talk:
Go to the Skype.exe file ("c:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe") and view it with a text viewer.
Search for the text "TSmileyData", then you'll see all the Smiley texts - I cleaned those up to get to the list above :)

Here's an update on 24Mar2009:

Display flags of the world in your chats:

(flag:AF) Afghanistan
(flag:AL) Albania, People’s Socialist Republic of
(flag:DZ) Algeria, People’s Democratic Republic of
(flag:AS) American Samoa
(flag:AD) Andorra, Principality of
(flag:AO) Angola, Republic of
(flag:AI) Anguilla
(flag:AQ) Antarctica (the territory South of 60 deg S)
(flag:AG) Antigua and Barbuda
(flag:AR) Argentina, Argentine Republic
(flag:AM) Armenia
(flag:AW) Aruba
(flag:AU) Australia, Commonwealth of
(flag:AT) Austria, Republic of
(flag:AZ) Azerbaijan, Republic of
(flag:BS) Bahamas, Commonwealth of the
(flag:BH) Bahrain, Kingdom of
(flag:BD) Bangladesh, People’s Republic of
(flag:BB) Barbados
(flag:BY) Belarus
(flag:BE) Belgium, Kingdom of
(flag:BZ) Belize
(flag:BJ) Benin (was Dahomey), People’s Republic of
(flag:BM) Bermuda
(flag:BT) Bhutan, Kingdom of
(flag:BO) Bolivia, Republic of
(flag:BA) Bosnia and Herzegovina
(flag:BW) Botswana, Republic of
(flag:BR) Brazil, Federative Republic of
(flag:IO) British Indian Ocean Territory (Chagos Archipelago)
(flag:VG) British Virgin Islands
(flag:BN) Brunei Darussalam
(flag:BG) Bulgaria, People’s Republic of
(flag:BF) Burkina Faso (was Upper Volta)
(flag:BI) Burundi, Republic of
(flag:KH) Cambodia, Kingdom of (was Khmer Republic/Kampuchea, Democratic)
(flag:CM) Cameroon, United Republic of
(flag:CA) Canada
(flag:CV) Cape Verde, Republic of
(flag:KY) Cayman Islands
(flag:CF) Central African Republic
(flag:TD) Chad, Republic of
(flag:CL) Chile, Republic of
(flag:CN) China, People’s Republic of
(flag:CX) Christmas Island
(flag:CC) Cocos (Keeling) Islands
(flag:CO) Colombia, Republic of
(flag:KM) Comoros, Union of the
(flag:CD) Congo, Democratic Republic of (was Zaire)
(flag:CG) Congo, People’s Republic of
(flag:CK) Cook Islands
(flag:CR) Costa Rica, Republic of
(flag:CI) Cote D’Ivoire, Ivory Coast, Republic of the
(flag:CU) Cuba, Republic of
(flag:CY) Cyprus, Republic of
(flag:CZ) Czech Republic
(flag:DK) Denmark, Kingdom of
(flag:DJ) Djibouti, Republic of (was French Afars and Issas)
(flag:DM) Dominica, Commonwealth of
(flag:DO) Dominican Republic
(flag:EC) Ecuador, Republic of
(flag:EG) Egypt, Arab Republic of
(flag:SV) El Salvador, Republic of
(flag:GQ) Equatorial Guinea, Republic of
(flag:ER) Eritrea
(flag:EE) Estonia
(flag:ET) Ethiopia
(flag:FO) Faeroe Islands
(flag:FK) Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
(flag:FJ) Fiji, Republic of the Fiji Islands
(flag:FI) Finland, Republic of
(flag:FR) France, French Republic
(flag:GF) French Guiana
(flag:PF) French Polynesia
(flag:TF) French Southern Territories
(flag:GA) Gabon, Gabonese Republic
(flag:GM) Gambia, Republic of the
(flag:GE) Georgia
(flag:DE) Germany
(flag:GH) Ghana, Republic of
(flag:GI) Gibraltar
(flag:GR) Greece, Hellenic Republic
(flag:GL) Greenland
(flag:GD) Grenada
(flag:GP) Guadaloupe
(flag:GU) Guam
(flag:GT) Guatemala, Republic of
(flag:GN) Guinea, Revolutionary People’s Rep’c of
(flag:GW) Guinea-Bissau, Republic of (was Portuguese Guinea)
(flag:GY) Guyana, Republic of
(flag:HT) Haiti, Republic of
(flag:HM) Heard and McDonald Islands
(flag:VA) Holy See (Vatican City State)
(flag:HN) Honduras, Republic of
(flag:HK) Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of China
(flag:HR) Hrvatska (Croatia)
(flag:HU) Hungary, Hungarian People’s Republic
(flag:IS) Iceland, Republic of
(flag:IN) India, Republic of
(flag:ID) Indonesia, Republic of
(flag:IR) Iran, Islamic Republic of
(flag:IQ) Iraq, Republic of
(flag:IE) Ireland
(flag:IL) Israel, State of
(flag:IT) Italy, Italian Republic
(flag:JM) Jamaica
(flag:JP) apan
(flag:JO) Jordan, Hashemite Kingdom of
(flag:KZ) Kazakhstan, Republic of
(flag:KE) Kenya, Republic of
(flag:KI) Kiribati, Republic of (was Gilbert Islands)
(flag:KP) Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of
(flag:KR) Korea, Republic of
(flag:KW) uwait, State of
(flag:KG) Kyrgyz Republic
(flag:LA) Lao People’s Democratic Republic
(flag:LV) Latvia
(flag:LB) Lebanon, Lebanese Republic
(flag:LS) Lesotho, Kingdom of
(flag:LR) Liberia, Republic of
(flag:LY) Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
(flag:LI) Liechtenstein, Principality of
(flag:LT) Lithuania
(flag:LU) Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of
(flag:MO) Macao, Special Administrative Region of China
(flag:MK) Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of
(flag:MG) Madagascar, Republic of
(flag:MW) Malawi, Republic of
(flag:MY) Malaysia
(flag:MV) Maldives, Republic of
(flag:ML) Mali, Republic of
(flag:MT) Malta, Republic of
(flag:MH) Marshall Islands
(flag:MQ) Martinique
(flag:MR) Mauritania, Islamic Republic of
(flag:MU) Mauritius
(flag:YT) Mayotte
(flag:MX) Mexico, United Mexican States
(flag:FM) Micronesia, Federated States of
(flag:MD) Moldova, Republic of
(flag:MC) Monaco, Principality of
(flag:MN) Mongolia, Mongolian People’s Republic
(flag:MS) Montserrat
(flag:MA) Morocco, Kingdom of
(flag:MZ) Mozambique, People’s Republic of
(flag:MM) Myanmar (was Burma)
(flag:NA) Namibia
(flag:NR) Nauru, Republic of
(flag:NP) Nepal, Kingdom of
(flag:AN) Netherlands Antilles
(flag:NL) Netherlands, Kingdom of the
(flag:NC) New Caledonia
(flag:NZ) New Zealand
(flag:NI) Nicaragua, Republic of
(flag:NE) Niger, Republic of the
(flag:NG) Nigeria, Federal Republic of
(flag:NU) Niue, Republic of
(flag:NF) Norfolk Island
(flag:MP) Northern Mariana Islands
(flag:NO) Norway, Kingdom of
(flag:OM) Oman, Sultanate of (was Muscat and Oman)
(flag:PK) Pakistan, Islamic Republic of
(flag:PW) Palau
(flag:PS) Palestinian Territory, Occupied
(flag:PA) Panama, Republic of
(flag:PG) Papua New Guinea
(flag:PY) Paraguay, Republic of
(flag:PE) Peru, Republic of
(flag:PH) Philippines, Republic of the
(flag:PN) Pitcairn Island
(flag:PL) Poland, Polish People’s Republic
(flag:PT) Portugal, Portuguese Republic
(flag:PR) Puerto Rico
(flag:QA) Qatar, State of
(flag:RE) Reunion
(flag:RO) Romania, Socialist Republic of
(flag:RU) Russian Federation
(flag:RW) Rwanda, Rwandese Republic
(flag:SH) St. Helena
(flag:KN) St. Kitts and Nevis
(flag:LC) St. Lucia
(flag:PM) St. Pierre and Miquelon
(flag:VC) St. Vincent and the Grenadines
(flag:WS) Samoa, Independent State of (was Western Samoa)
(flag:SM) San Marino, Republic of
(flag:ST) Sao Tome and Principe, Democratic Republic of
(flag:SA) Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of
(flag:SN) Senegal, Republic of
(flag:CS) Serbia and Montenegro
(flag:SC) Seychelles, Republic of
(flag:SL) Sierra Leone, Republic of
(flag:SG) Singapore, Republic of
(flag:SK) Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
(flag:SI) Slovenia
(flag:SB) Solomon Islands (was British Solomon Islands)
(flag:SO) Somalia, Somali Republic
(flag:ZA) South Africa, Republic of
(flag:GS) South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
(flag:ES) Spain, Spanish State
(flag:LK) Sri Lanka, Democratic Socialist Republic of (was Ceylon)
(flag:SD) Sudan, Democratic Republic of the
(flag:SR) Suriname, Republic of
(flag:SZ) Swaziland, Kingdom of
(flag:SE) Sweden, Kingdom of
(flag:CH) Switzerland, Swiss Confederation
(flag:SY) Syrian Arab Republic
(flag:TW) Taiwan, Province of China
(flag:TJ) Tajikistan
(flag:TZ) Tanzania, United Republic of
(flag:TH) Thailand, Kingdom of
(flag:TL) Timor-Leste, Democratic Republic of
(flag:TG) Togo, Togolese Republic
(flag:TK) Tokelau (Tokelau Islands)
(flag:TO) Tonga, Kingdom of
(flag:TT) Trinidad and Tobago, Republic of
(flag:TN) Tunisia, Republic of
(flag:TR) Turkey, Republic of
(flag:TM) Turkmenistan
(flag:TC) Turks and Caicos Islands
(flag:TV) Tuvalu (was part of Gilbert & Ellice Islands)
(flag:VI) US Virgin Islands
(flag:UG) Uganda, Republic of
(flag:UA) Ukraine
(flag:AE) United Arab Emirates (was Trucial States)
(flag:GB) United Kingdom of Great Britain & N. Ireland
(flag:UM) United States Minor Outlying Islands
(flag:US) United States of America
(flag:UY) Uruguay, Eastern Republic of
(flag:UZ) Uzbekistan
(flag:VU) Vanuatu (was New Hebrides)
(flag:VE) Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
(flag:VN) Viet Nam, Socialist Republic of (was Democratic Republic of & Republic of)
(flag:WF) Wallis and Futuna Islands
(flag:EH) Western Sahara (was Spanish Sahara)
(flag:YE) Yemen
(flag:ZM) Zambia, Republic of
(flag:ZW) Zimbabwe (was Southern Rhodesia)

See here for more posts on Skype:
Beware when editing Skype messages to Linux users…
Skype chat: taking control of the group chat session

Office 2007 users: are you struggling to find features in the new ribbon menus? Then this is for you:

UBitMenu adds classic menu to Microsoft Office 2007
UBitMenu is a simple way for professional Microsoft® Office users to get accustomed to the new ribbon based interface of Office 2007 without any performance loss.

See here for more info and to download:

If it simplifies your work then convince your boss to buy the commercial version! ($13.50 plus ~$0.88 per user)

It will emulate/activate the Office 2003 menu in Word 2007, Excel 2007 and Powerpoint 2007.

If you have spent agonizing minutes trying to find features in Word, Excel or PowerPoint ribbons that would have been at your finger tips in Office 2003 you will soon appreciate UBitMenu, especially when you have to finish an important document under time pressure.

UBitMenu does not hide the ribbon interface, but adds the classic menu as a new ribbon.

Gradually you will realize that many functions are easier to handle using Office 2007 ribbons. Microsoft® has done a good job there.

UBitMenu Advantages:
  • based on standard Microsoft® Office-AddIn technology
  • contains no active code elements (no virus scanner hassle)
  • no VSTO or .NET-environment or configuration needed
  • no dependenciesextremely small file size
  • no impact on performance

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Deadline missed... now what?: for firearm owners who didn't renew their licenses

If you are a firearm owner who didn't renew your licence by the deadline of 31 March 2009, then you have until 30 June 2009 to "opt for other options such as selling of their firearms to another person/legal entity, applying to the South African Police Service to deactivate the firearm or voluntarily handing the firearm over to the South African Police Service for destruction".

Comply before the deadline - unlawful possession of a firearm is a serious criminal offence.

Updated on 01 July 2009: See Firearms license: gun owners have more time with their firearms until the court tests the validity of The Firearms Control Act for info on the 30 June 2009 deadline extension.

For those who have not applied for an extension, you need to re-apply for a new firearms license.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Printing only some pages from Microsoft Outlook is not possible... until now

I have often wanted to print only the first page of an email, but the MS Outlook program only allows you to print odd or even pages (whatever for, I ask!), and multiple copies.
Even Outlook 2007 has this problem....

A workaround that I use is: first print the (full) email to a pdf file (using the free PDFcreator [17MB] then use Adobe Reader [41MB] to print the pages that I need.

Hope this helps in saving that precious paper!

Sunday, 3 May 2009

If you're into software development of the GUI kind, then here's a Pencil that you can't do without - and it's free!

If you're a software developer who loves putting GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) together then this free tool is for you.
Pencil turns your Firefox 3 browser into a sketching tool with just a 400 Kb installation package.

Pencil will always be free and can run on virtually all platforms that Firefox 3 supports.

The Pencil Project's unique mission is to build a free and OpenSource tool for making diagrams and GUI prototyping that everyone can use.

Top features:
  • Built-in stencils for diagramming and prototyping
  • Multi-page document with background page
  • On-screen text editing with rich-text supports
  • PNG rasterizing
  • Undo/redo supports
  • Installing user-defined stencils
  • Standard drawing operations: aligning, z-ordering, scaling, rotating...
  • Cross-platforms
  • Adding external objects

Click over to their home page and read the quick instructions for end users to start using Pencil in just half an hour.

Oh, and if you don't use Firefox (for some reason), then there's a stand-alone install (8.6MB) as well WinXP, Vista, Linux.
See here for the download options: download Pencil

Friday, 1 May 2009

Calculator: What's the best cell phone or contract for me?

So, your contract is about to run out and now it's time to find the best phone and/or contract for yourself. So, how do you figure it out? Well, the bad news is that there's no simple way of comparing the different networks' offerings. The good news is that HTT has found 2 calculators to help you in this mission!
1) You know what you want in a phone and you want to find the phone that meets your requirements then click here:
Find the Contract that's right for you
2) You know your call or SMS or data usage habits and want to find the best contract that meets your usage then click here:
Package comparison tool
3) You have a few cell phones in mind and want to compare their features then click here: Find the phone that's right for you

Thanks to
NashuaMobile for providing these useful calculators.

Tips: What's MNP? Mobile Number Portability; here's a easy to understand guide to MNP: Number Portability

Vodacom subscribers: Who is my Service provider?
Go here for a lookup tool: vodacom4me » specific needs » service provider contact details

MTN subscribers: Who is my Service provider? Go here for a lookup tool: MTN SP lookup

Calculator: Financial calculations answered

Have you ever wondered how use and figure out your Bond/loan's numbers?
Here are some 20 Financial/Bond/Mortgage calculators that have explanations of what the numbers mean:

Here's the list of calculators... match the Question with the Calculator to use:
1) How Much Will My Bond Payments Be?: Use: Mortgage payment calculator
2) How much do I still owe the bank?: Use: Mortgage principle calculator
3) How big-a-bond can I afford?: Use: Affodability calculator
4) If I pay an extra R100 each month, then how much will I save in the long term?: Use: What if I pay more every month calculator
5) Should I rent or buy?: Use: Rent vs. Buy calculator
6) What if I pay my credit card debts: Use: Paying off Credit Card debt with minimum payments
7) If I pay an extra R100 each month, then when will the debt be paid off? Use: Mortgage length calculator
8) Comparing loans from 2 banks: Use: Which loan is better calculator

Use our 20 Mortgage calculators to calculate your payments

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