Saturday, 12 April 2008

Google Maps: Need the location of any Pick 'n Pay store in South Africa?

I might be slow, yeah, I probably am, but I've seen Google Maps but didn't really investigate... I thought, "well, it's much like Google Earth".. well, I was amazed when I realised that a simple Google search could help me with directions to say any Pick 'n Pay store in South Africa!
Type this into your browser:,18.8476&sspn=0.007605,0.014591&ie=UTF8&ll=-34.085649,18.910904&spn=0.121698,0.233459&t=h&z=12
Or, if you prefer, go to and type into the search bar: {excluding the inverted commas): "pick and pay south africa"

A list of about 100 branched of Pick 'n Pay appear and you can zoom in and get 3 different views of the locations: Map, Satellite and Terrain.
Click on a place marker, then the +, and more info is shown eg: photos

Well done Google! {and well done Pick 'n Pay for entering all your stores}

Why not enter your company's location and details?

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