Tuesday, 1 April 2008

How to use technology to say your thing to Robert Mugabe

I naively searched for a site that gave live election results from Zimbabwe's 2008 elections and of course came up empty handed.
I bumped into results from the last elections, then looked at some major news networks' web sites - but after a long while decided that this search was not going to bear fruits.
At the time of writing the results are slow in coming, but the MDC have won Bulawayo and Harare and the other results are neck and neck (MDC, Zanu PF).

Then I decided to use my blog to allow people to send their wishes to Robert Mugabe.

So, please feel free to add comments to:
*) lay your feelings out for Mr. Mugabe
*) update the election results
*) good wishes
*) bad wishes

Hopefully, the Zanu PF's "cock" is about to crow for the last time, and that the clever old man doesn't manage to cook another result!

I read somewhere that the mood in Zim was one of "change" pending - let's hope that is correct! Hopefully, one day we can all support the Zim people and spend some of our foreign currency on a holiday at Lake Kariba or Vic Falls or .....!

Add your comments here:

1 comment:

  1. If Mugabe gets in again it will be official. There is no justice in the world, the wheel does not turn and crime certainly pays. Crimes against the people seem to be paying big bucks as well.

    It is time for change. By death or by vote. It is high time that one or the other actually take place. It would most certainly be fair if it were by death though.

    I sure hope that if Mugabe loses he is also to face the worlds tribunals to answer for his crimes against humanity.

    CHANGE IS IMMINENT AS IS DEATH. Whichever comes first will be welcome.


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