Monday, 7 April 2008

Program your UPS to send an SMS when Eskom power is shed (No additional hardware needed: email-to-SMS service)

When Eskom power is lost your UPS can sense this and can perform various operations. The obvious action in your UPS's notification script is to email the IT support team and then to perform a graceful shut-down when the battery power reaches a preset level.
Taking the email action one step further, why not send an SMS to the IT support staff as well? No additional hardware is needed (ie. no cell phone connected to your UPS or PC).... using an 'email-to-SMS' service this can easily be done.
We have successfully used the WinSMS service and we were satisfied with the low cost per SMS and the reliability of SMS delivery: WinSMS

To make use of the E-mail2SMS gateway: configure your UPS notification script to send emails to the cell phones using the format:
To field:, or, or etc......
Subject field: #username,password#
Message body: Your SMS message (limited to 160 chars).....

The sender will receive a confirmation e-mail confirming that the message was accepted by the gateway.

Pricing here:
WinSMS Pricing
Cost is per SMS: from 38c+VAT (down to 25c+VAT for really high volumes)....

No subscription fees, no contract, no hidden costs, just the cost of the SMS.... online free registration includes 10 Free SMS credits
Pay by credit card, EFT, or debit order.
Register now: WinSMS

SMSs can also be sent [after registering] using the WebClient, or the Desktop Client software or the FTP gateway (for bulk SMSs).
SMSs can also be scheduled to send at some time in the future.
It's also much cheaper to send SMSs using these methods than sending from my cell phone.

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