Saturday, 19 April 2008

Neighborhood watch goes hi-tech: WAP cell phone query for suspicious and stolen vehicles

Join your neighborhood watch and you too can assist by looking out for suspicious and stolen vehicles. The BKM watch ( [Bergvliet, Kreupelbosch and Meadowridge] has just launched their latest high tech innovation: query their system using your cell phone while you're driving around, shopping, waiting for your wife/family, putting in petrol, etc. Access is via WAP over GPRS and is extremely cheap (cost <1c)

I've tried it and it works... After setting up my phone as described in a previous blog: (, you launch your phone's Internet browser, then log in using your pre-approved username, then enter any registration number... .the system then searches and return results.
The details returned include: details of crime (or when stolen) and who to contact to alert of the sighting.

See here for their user manual on how to use the system [40Kb]:

If you live in the area, then register here: (or email: else contact your neighborhood watch and help stop crime - it's time we all stood up against these *&@#-ing criminals!
Don't just say "it's fine, there are other people in the area doing their "watch" thing"! Get off your arse and do something!
If you can't patrol, then contribute financially and help cover the costs.

Come to think of it, the BKM watch web site is also a great example of using technology to fight crime.

They also use Google Earth as a tool to monitor incidents of crime and plot crime vs location to assist in crime fighting.
Criminals beware! The residents have awoken! Crime does not pay any more.

Oh, by the way, have you registered your valuables on Tagga yet - the R10,000 is still up for grabs! Don't be sorry later, do it now!

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