Wednesday, 16 April 2008

TicketConnection files for liquidation.... and its web site is now empty/non-functional to prove it too!

I thought I was dreaming when I heard that another company has decided that it can't pay its bills so it's filing for liquidation! reports that "TicketConnection, the ticketing agent for the failed Celine Dion and cancelled Josh Groban concerts in South Africa, has voluntarily applied for liquidation..... concert promoter Duncan Heafield of Kusasa-Commodities Entertainment had refused to reimburse the public for the events.... "All customers who purchased web, call centre and group-booking tickets for the Josh Groban event should contact the promoter to be refunded directly.... TicketConnection was not in a position to refund Groban fans because they had not received the cash paid for tickets."
{See my blog on the technology (not) used at the Celine concert}

What bugs me, is that another company can glibly file for liquidation and ignore their debt - management can go and start up another company in the same line of business! IT (hardware) companies are "famous" for this (perhaps to get away from their warranty "load"?!).
What happens to the employees - they lose their jobs on the spot - no retrenchment packages even!
What happens to the owners - they still drive around in their fancy vehicles, live in their mansions, and start up another similar company next door!

I hear too that the concert promoter (Duncan Heafield)
has been arrested in Durban and will be taken to Sandton to face charges (good news!).
See here for more: 94.7 Highveld Stereo
Concert promoter back in Gauteng today 16/04/2008 07:55:42
Concert promoter Duncan Heafield is expected back in Gauteng today after spending the past two nights at Durban central police station.
Heafield was arrested on Monday afternoon on fraud charges relating to the Celine Dion concert which took place in February.
It's understood police are investigating more claims against Heafield that have surfaced since his arrest.
He is due to be brought to the Sandton police station where the fraud charges were laid.
The charges stem from agreements that were entered into between Heafield and businessman Solly Krok for the Celine Dion concert.
He may also face charges over his involvement in the Josh Groban postponed tour


The TicketConnection web site now states: "
Due to the actions of the Celine Dion and Josh Groban concert promoter, TicketConnection has been forced to close. Please watch the media for further details. For Celine Dion and Josh Groban refunds, please contact the promoter directly Kusasa entertainment: 011 234 6776 or"

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  1. I find the following a little too ironic. Lise Kuhle and Duncan Heafield were members of the same company namely 3C Africa. This company then changed to Kusasa were they worked together on promotions etc. Lise subsequently opened or was a director of Ticket cconnection promoting ticket sales for Duncan Heafield. Monies were paid but not refunded by the same two people who worked with each other in the same company. Now the money is missing ........... draw your own conclusion.


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